brainstorming peaceful ways to take over the world.

i decided to make a zine. its basically one of those photo copy zines about the impending doom of my quarter life crisis (i.e. my 25th birthday).

here’s a picture:
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.47.54 AM

it’s pretty dark, and was described as “sad” by the one close person to me i’ve shown it to at this point. well, technically he said, “it shows you’re going through something.” i think that’s good though? sometimes you just need to draw. it. out. either way – i’m hoping to make it available to anyone who is interested in the coming weeks.

officially t-28 days to adulthood. its been fun being a kid.

Today is really, really, good day! 

That right there is a real book! You can’t really tell in the picture, but it’s a pretty f*%&^@$ crazy thing to hold it! I keep flipping through all of the pages (like, obsessively flipping) and I am so proud of how it turned out.  

Today is one of the best days, ever. Because now, I’ve got a real, physical book in my hands; only a few more small notes to go; and a growing stack of custom drawings and prints to send out to all of my backers. 

Here’s one more (which looks basically the same, but I’m having a proud new parent moment):

I’m so incredibly grateful to Kickstarter and all of the amazing friends, family, and strangers who backed my campaign. Both for helping fund the production of the book and for their kind words of encouragement, I would never be here without it. Seriously. 

p.s. Happy Friday! Here’s what I’ve got on repeat in my mind today:


+ high-res version

the final hours!

i’ve officially reached the final hours of my kickstarter campaign! can’t believe how quickly the past month has gone by. i’m so grateful for everyone who came on board to support the campaign and got a book.

can’t thank you enough. and i’m so excited for you to see the final copy!

if you haven’t gotten a book, you have the rest of today to do so! visit the campaign page here.

IFW-oh my god what am I doingwe never really know the right way, or right thing to do, do we? i’ve been feeling a lot of uncertainty these days. fear is a powerful emotion and can make you feel all kinds of crazy… but i just try to remind myself that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. plus – i’m making a book! and i’m sure as hell not uncertain about that (nervous, definitely, but not uncertain!)

if you haven’t checked out my kickstarter, you still can! i’ll be selling books for another 7 days.


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