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Heart shaped candies and pink boxes of chocolate are popping up everywhere, so I’ve decided to do a project inspired by love. The ever so complicated feeling is one of my favorite things to draw about – not just love of your significant other, but love of your family, friends, or even a complete stranger. It’s messy, wonderful, heart wrenching, heart expanding, and arguably one of the most important things in our lives. Amidst all of the complicated stuff love can also be surprisingly simple and fun. It’s mysterious, but it’s something for everyone.

So here’s the deal – for the next ten days, I want to try and send out 100 anonymous secret admirer postcards, and I hope you’ll help me! Here’s how:

If you fill out the form here I will send an anonymous personalized drawing on a postcard to the person of your choosing. All you need is a mailing address and someone you are particularly fond of. (Note: the postcards are free and will stay anonymous. I’ll make them on first come, first serve basis until valentine’s day or supplies runs out.)

Let’s do this! Surprises are fun, and everyone deserves a little extra love. Check back over the next couple weeks to see what people are getting. #secretadmirerpostcards



serial podcast has been over for a couple of months now, and i have to admit i’m still not over it. i wake up on thursday’s a bit less hopeful, definitely less happy, and somewhat disappointed. while we wait for season 2 and try to pretend it’s not the ex you can’t stop looking at pictures of who never told you why it didn’t work out – i’ve compiled a list of my favorite other podcasts i’ve been using as coping mechanisms. (they are actually pretty good supplements!)

  1. criminal
  2. 99% invisible
  3. radiolab
  4. design matters with debbie millman 
  5.  strangers by lea thau
  6.  wtf with marc maron
  7. dear sugar
  8. theory of everything 
  9. here’s the thing with alec baldwin 
  10. this american life 

(props to radiotopia for building an awesome podcast community and introducing me to so many of these gems!)


i’ve always had a lot of feelings. they seem to just come flooding into life – impossible to cover up or keep myself dry with any sort of “keep out” or “I don’t care I’m trying to be cool” attitude. an on-going, never-ending roller coaster of emotions. and i seriously hate roller coasters.

i think when you’re in high school – and even for most of college – you can typically get by with the idea that although you are feeling so many things you will one day, “figure it all out.” a few years ago thanks to a couple cynical relatives i realized that this was total crap and not only was i never going to figure it all out – i was always going to feel like this.

it was right around this time that i also started drawing. it was all about being a smart ass and trying to make my friends and family laugh – often times when things were really sad, but also when they were happy. i guess in hindsight recognizing that i am probably always going to have all these crazy emotions also reminded me that i can grab them by the balls and try to turn them into something i enjoy.

it’s a work in progress – but cheers to hoping we can keep making stuff that makes us all feel a little bit less crazy.


there always seems to be so many things. so many things to do, so many things to see, to read, to watch, to hear and to pay attention too. (there even feels like there are too many things to say about there always being so many things!)

it can be really hard to feel like you are staying centered or balanced or whatever – and to know that you are hustling (like this kind of hustling) and challenging yourself to move forward while also appreciating what’s already around you without getting burnt out. that’s something i definitely haven’t figured out yet – and one of my current things within all the things i tend to struggle with.

how do you find balance within all the things?

all lines - 111214

i have a 45 degree curve in my spine. well, actually two curves – but the 45 degree one is the bigger one in the lower part of my back. for a long time growing up doctors tried to convince me to get surgery to straighten me out (i.e. put metal rods in my back to support my spine.) something about it never felt right so i put it off for as long as possible.

about five years ago i met a girl sitting next to me on the plane who also had scoliosis but had gotten the surgery. i asked her about it as we both did awkward stretches to relieve our pain on the plane, and she told me that even though she was technically “straight” now, she still had a lot of pain and had to work just as hard to have strength in her back.

i don’t think i realized it then – but this glimpse into her own personal experience helped me avoid back surgery even when it seemed like the only option, and to work towards being stronger and pain free without the metal rods. in retrospect it seems simple and somewhat obvious, but realizing that regardless of what so many doctors said – technically, all of our spines are curved in one way or another and being straight doesn’t necessarily mean being “better.” years later, i still think about this idea – but in so many more aspects of life than i would have ever imagined.

i decided to make a zine. its basically one of those photo copy zines about the impending doom of my quarter life crisis (i.e. my 25th birthday).

here’s a picture:
Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 8.47.54 AM

officially t-28 days to adulthood. its been fun being a kid.


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